Lauder Business School is part of the Harvard MOC (Microeconomics of Competition) Affiliate Network, a group of international educational institutions teaching the MOC curriculum and collaborating in the field of competitiveness and regional development. The network is organized and supported by Harvard Business School and its most prominent scholar Michael Porter, a renowned economic researcher in the fields of strategy and regional development.

Every year the members of the network hold a conference to present new research and discuss developments in teaching the multifaceted and holistic concept of competitiveness. This year, the meeting was organized online and about 250 members from all around the globe participated in the event. As always, the first day of the conference is devoted to research activities and the submitted paper by Christian Reiner, senior researcher at the LBS, was selected for presentation among three other papers. In a best-paper competition, his paper finished second, closely behind the winning paper.

He co-authored the paper on the role of intraregional interfirm competition regional development with Maximilian Benner, who works as a senior researcher at WPZ Research in Vienna. By presenting empirical evidence on the strategic orientation of smart specialization in European regions, the article finds that the practice of regional policy exhibits a bias in favor of cooperation while neglecting the role of interfirm competition. The paper is currently under review for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.



Prof. (FH) Dr. Christian Reiner

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