On Friday, 28 June, the LBS International Business Administration students class of 2021 celebrated their graduation. Overwhelmed with emotion and excitement, our graduates gathered one last time as a cohort to celebrate their accomplishments, their friendships and shared excitement for the future.

Having been congratulated by the Executive Director and the Directors of Studies, students were complimented on their achievements by our guest of honour, His Excellency David Roet, Ambassador of Israel to Austria and the International organizations in Vienna. Working in the diplomatic service for 31 years, mostly in the USA, at the UN or at the North America Desk of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Roet commended Lauder Business School´s role in educating generations of students who understand the importance of upholding values and principles that transcend nationalities and religious beliefs in a time of significant geopolitical turmoil. As a center of Jewish culture in Vienna, Lauder Business School is a testament to tolerance and peaceful coexistence – and this generation of graduates survived like no other a test of endurance in upholding these values. No other generation before them experienced, almost concomitantly, not one but two conflicts of significance. Despite the international unrest, LBS remained a safe haven for students of all nationalities and religious backgrounds, and engaged heavily in efforts to combat hate and prejudice in all forms.

Inspired by this reality, Ambassador Roet expressed his admiration and confidence in our students´ bright future. Below are a few key highlights of the Ambassador´s speech:

  • The Importance of Values and Principles: The Ambassador stressed the crucial need for upholding one´s values and principles. He emphasized the importance of integrity, ethical decision-making, and steadfast adherence to one’s convictions in their personal and professional lives.
  • The Role of Resilience and Adaptability: Arriving in Vienna during geopolitical strife, His Excellency emphasized resilience, urging students to stay flexible in facing future challenges.
  • The Power of Solidarity and Support: The Ambassador highlighted how support and unity can make a significant difference. He stressed the importance of standing together for common causes, urging students to support each other and work collaboratively to achieve their goals.
  • The Significance of Global Awareness and Engagement: As someone whose work carries such international significance, His Excellency stressed the importance of being globally aware and engaged. He encouraged students to stay informed, understand different perspectives, and to consider how they can contribute to making a positive impact in their local communities or on a global scale through dedicated and thoughtful efforts.
  • The Fight Against Anti-Semitism and Discrimination: The Ambassador highlighted the need to combat anti-Semitism and discrimination. He talked about the importance of combating hate and prejudice in all forms, encouraging students to continue to advocate for tolerance, inclusion, and respect for diversity.

We are excited to support our recent graduates as they embark on new journeys, confident in their abilities to succeed. Congratulations on your achievements, dear graduates! Lauder Business School is very proud of you!

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