Admissions are Open

All applicants who are interested in applying either for the Bachelor Program “International Business Administration”, or one of our two Master Programs “International Management and Leadership” and “Strategic Finance and Business Analytics” are kindly requested to register online and start their application through our online admission tool.

Linkages between Universities and Firms

New study highlights intensive cooperation between technical universities and Austrian companies. Compared to other countries, the results show that the cooperation intensity between firms and universities in Austria is very high. 98% (!) of the leading Austrian companies (“Leitbetriebe”) are engaging in various forms of cooperation projects with universities.

Lauder Business School to host Exchange Program

Lauder Business School will host an exchange program for students attending the International Masters of Business Administration (IMBA) at Bar-Ilan University. Following the conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Lauder Business School and Bar-Ilan University based in Israel, that sealed the intent of academic cooperation between the two institutions, Lauder Business School will host an exchange program for the IMBA students of Bar-Ilan University this summer.

My Story: From LBS to Apple

Omer Halawani graduated from Lauder Business School in 2019 with a Bachelors in International Business Administration. He recently updated us on his new position as AI/MI Siri Analyst at Apple, and we are proud to share his accomplishments.

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