LBS Students Consulting Coca-Cola Austria

On April 30, International Management & Leadership students delivered a final presentation and report of this year’s Student Consultancy Project with Coca-Cola Austria. The project was to analyze the current state of the eGaming and eSports industry and to recommend potential strategies and action plans for the Coca-Cola Marketing Team.

Building Bridges between BUSINESS & TECH

On March 17 we were happy to co-host the “Tech Up Your Business” webinar together with Green Fox Academy live on Facebook and Zoom. Our renowned speakers from Microsoft, SAS and Emarsys discussed the importance of tech skills for business professionals in various industries, as well as achieving a certain level of familiarity with contemporary technologies to succeed in the business world of today.

LBS Students Among the Best

We are glad to report that the quality of our educational programs stands out in international comparison. Our master students have recently completed the worldwide acknowledged, unbiased Peregrine Academic Service tests in business education and outperformed their peers from other international business/finance programs by far.

Increasing the Resilience of Global Value Chains for Medical Products

Christian Reiner, senior researcher at Lauder Business School, has just published a new study on how to increase the resilience and security of the supply of medical and pharmaceutical products. He co-authored the study together with Jan Grumiller and Hannes Grohs from the Austrian Foundation for Development Research. The study was commissioned and financed by the Austrian Chamber of Labour.

Introducing TECH4BIZ: Technology for Business Professionals Course

LBS Innovation Center is pleased to announce our latest project with Green Fox Academy, a super-intensive, impact-driven coding boot-camp with the mission to help motivated business professionals build a career in IT.
Our joint experience in business and IT education was merged to develop a tailored solution for business professionals willing to advance the tech skills necessary to run tech-related projects more effectively.

My Story: From LBS to Tesla

My Story: From LBS to Tesla

We are very proud to announce that 2/3 of our Master Class of 2020 already held part-time or full-time jobs during their graduation in September 2020. One of these success stories is the story of Yaroslav Shymanskyi, who finished both his Bachelor’s and his Master’s at Lauder Business School and was recently hired by Tesla as Parts Advisor!

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