Introducing new GREEN courses

LBS has decided to introduce new GREEN courses in the academic programs. The aim of the courses is to discuss the environmental impacts of economic activities, the economic analysis of why environmental problems arise in the first place as well as appropriate policy and business responses. A positive vision of the ability of firms to change and align their business models with environmental limits is conveyed and critically examined.

Congratulations to our Master Graduates

Congratulations to our Master Graduates

We are extremely proud to announce that every master student who took their commission exam in September successfully passed and graduated in International Management and Leadership or Strategic Finance and Business Analytics – many of them with merits and distinction.

Back on Campus Regulations

As the new semester starts soon, we would like to inform you about the necessary measures (as of August 24, depending on the legal restrictions in Austria) that have to be taken.

Meet Instigo: Your Go-to App for Paid Ads Management

Meet Instigo: Your Go-to App for Paid Ads Management

LBS Innovation Center is excited to share the latest updates from our tech startup Insticore and, after a year and a half of intensive development, we are especially happy to present the first version of Instigo*, your one-stop shop for Paid Ads Management.
Instigo is a cloud based SaaS (Software as Service) tool which can be used to create, manage and optimize your advertising activities across multiple platforms, all from within one centralized tool. At the moment Instigo is integrating the Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn advertising platforms, with more providers to come in the near future.

LBS Students Consulting Coca-Cola Austria

On April 30, International Management & Leadership students delivered a final presentation and report of this year’s Student Consultancy Project with Coca-Cola Austria. The project was to analyze the current state of the eGaming and eSports industry and to recommend potential strategies and action plans for the Coca-Cola Marketing Team.

Building Bridges between BUSINESS & TECH

On March 17 we were happy to co-host the “Tech Up Your Business” webinar together with Green Fox Academy live on Facebook and Zoom. Our renowned speakers from Microsoft, SAS and Emarsys discussed the importance of tech skills for business professionals in various industries, as well as achieving a certain level of familiarity with contemporary technologies to succeed in the business world of today.

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