Student Services

Life on Campus Made Easy

01The Academic Coordinator

manages and coordinates academic scheduling of lectures and exams, offers support to and consults students with academic questions during their studies. Please contact Ms. Zvia Dem at zvia.dem[at]lbs.ac.at.

02The Admission Officer

provides support in requests from government or public authorities which is especially intended for students who do not speak German. These services are offered for all students to support them with issues such as residence permit and Visa extension procedures, social security (insurance) issues, questions relating to admission procedures, etc. Please contact Ms. Sandra Veronese at sandra.veronese[at]lbs.ac.at.

03The International Officer

is the first point of contact for students in regard to participate in the Erasmus+ program for, either performing an exchange semester at one of LBS’ partner universities or completing an internship abroad. She informs the students about procedures and refunds of associated costs, and acts as interface between the LBS students and OEAD, the governmental body related to Erasmus+ mobilities. Please contact Ms. Sandra Veronese at sandra.veronese[at]lbs.ac.at.

04The Administrative Assistant

of the Executive Director supports students in issues such as administering academic payments and copy/print accounts, organizing student elections and on-campus events, postal service, general campus management questions etc. Please contact Ms. Katja Seebohm at katja.seebohm[at]lbs.ac.at.

05The IT-Administrator

offers services like rental of laptops, extension cables, adapters, power cords and other IT-related items. He/she is the students’ first point of contact for issues related to devices like PCs and printers used at LBS, as well as accounts and access rights and related (remote) access issues concerning the LBS IT system. Furthermore, the IT-Administrator supports students in accessing the WiFi services offered by eduroam, as well as with licensing, installation and maintenance of various software (MS Office, SPSS, Bloomberg, NVivo, etc.) Please contact Mr. Christian Felinger at christian.felinger[at]lbs.ac.at.

06 The Student Union

helps improve the quality of the LBS students´ academic experience through representation – they are our students´ voice on campus. They focus on identifying our students´ needs and concerns, answering their questions, facilitating change on campus, and organizing fun events so that our students´ LBS experience is not just academically fulfilling, but also memorable and fun at the same time! Please see more about the LBS Student Union here

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