Philips Students Consultancy Projects

Speech Processing Solutions, a global technology company and leading provider of professional dictation solutions worldwide, enlisted Lauder Business School´s International Management and Leadership (IML) Master´s students´ support to create a global marketing campaign to popularize their solutions to an audience of younger professionals in the legal field.

Speech Processing Solutions, a Vienna-founded company and an official licensee of the Philips brand, has been at the forefront of innovating professional dictation solutions since 1954. Celebrating their 80th anniversary in November this year, SPS remains the global market leader in language technologies today through relentless research, innovation, and care for their customers. Today, Speech Processing Solutions is active in 50+ countries with over 4 million users and a worldwide network of more than 1,000 partners. SPS develops smart dictation workflow solutions including speech-to-text capabilities, as well as award-winning dictation devices, sold under the Philips brand.

To help Speech Processing Solution´s aim to target a younger generation of users in the legal field, the LBS IML students delved deep into empirical research. They had to analyse the market and identify IT trends, focusing on hardware/software preferences and dictation’s impact on legal professionals to develop a marketing campaign tailored to make dictation appealing to younger lawyers globally. The team work concentrated on an in-depth examination of the emerging trends in the legal industry to discover how younger generations of lawyers incorporate technology in their day-to-day tasks and how digitalisation transformed their operations and client-based interactions.

As the legal industry is poised to incorporate further technological innovations, LBS students supported Speech Processing Solutions to better understand current trends, examining in minute detail the changes in the legal market, changes in the working style of lawyers and their adoption, or lack thereof, of transcription services. The project culminated in a report outlining a global integrated marketing campaign to attract potential buyers in the legal industry, taking into consideration local regional/continental differences. Students presented their findings in a 40-minute expose to a committee presided by Ms. Claudia Schügerl, Director Global Marketing at Philips Speech Processing Solutions: “I am thoroughly impressed with Lauder Business School’s research project on technology adoption in the legal industry, which expertly identified key IT trends and user preferences. Their ability to integrate complex data with innovative marketing strategies demonstrated a high level of professionalism and critical thinking. The project not only met our expectations, but it was also a pleasure to work with such highly engaged students.”

The primary aim of the student consultancy projects is to provide our master’s students with the hands-on experience necessary for success in international businesses across various sectors. This exposure prepares them to navigate different challenges, engage confidently in executive-level discussions, and become invaluable assets to future employers.

For the partner companies, our consultancy projects offer significant benefits. They gain access to innovative ideas and additional staff without incurring extra costs. The culmination of the project sees the students delivering concrete results, including a comprehensive report that offers a deep dive into the case study, a thorough presentation, and their recommendations, showcasing their extensive research and analysis.

Lauder Business School remains indebted to Dr. Sandra Pauser, M.A. for her dedication, and to Speech Processing Solutions for partnering with LBS to offer our students the opportunity to partake in such an ample marketing project.

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