SAS analytics certificate at LBS

Lauder Business School, in collaboration with the Society for Process Management (Gesellschaft für Prozessmanagement – GP), LBS is now offering a unique, internationally-recognized certification program designed to contribute significantly to our students´ professional skill set.

This personalized certification is a gateway to great career-enhancing opportunities. Internationally recognized, this certification will showcase our students´ proficiency in process management and will help them unlock promising entry and advancement opportunities in various industries. Besides offering a great chance to stand out in the job market, the certification will grant our students access to an extensive pool of companies and process management professionals ready to support them with know-how, mentorship and job offers.

Issued by the Society for Process Management, the certification pathway begins with the foundational Process Analyst certificate, affirming students’ basic competencies in process management. This certification demonstrates their ability to effectively participate in process optimization teams with both theoretical and practical optimization knowledge. Students then have the opportunity to advance their skills by pursuing the Process Manager certification. This higher-level certification, which involves a practice-related project, adheres to ISO 17024 standards, is valid for three years, and can be extended through a one-day refresher course.

The certification process integrates seamlessly into the existing curriculum at LBS. To qualify, students will need to excel in the (already) traditional to LBS Business Process and Quality Management course. With over 1,000 job vacancies in process management across Austria, the timing couldn’t be better.

“Achieving a relevant certification in process management is not merely a milestone; it’s a critical skill booster applicable across all business segments,” states Prof. (FH) Tamas Csermely, Ph.D., Director of Studies for the MA and MBA programs at LBS. “This certification attests to the holder´s comprehensive understanding and ability to enhance efficiencies, innovate processes, and contribute significantly to any organization’s success. This certification represents a pivotal opportunity for our students, significantly enhancing their employability and opening doors in the job market.”

“Under the guidance of Dr. Karl Wagner, our CEO and owner, we at the Society of Process Management are dedicated to sharing the critical role of process management for both students and professionals,” Mr. Maximilian Prager, GP Associate, explains. “Our mission is to foster a profound understanding of its impact, ensuring that current and future leaders are equipped to drive efficiency and innovation within their organizations.”

LBS extends our deepest gratitude to Dr. Wagner and the Society for Process Management for their collaboration. This partnership marks another significant step in our commitment to providing our students with practical, career-enhancing opportunities

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