LBS Master’s students helped enhance NÖM’s fruit yogurt appeal for Gen Z

Lauder Business School´s “Student Consultancy Project” encompassed a team of 8 motivated International Management and Leadership (IML) Master´s students, who were working on a challenging project with the following research question: “What strategies can be implemented to enhance the appeal of NÖM’s fruit yogurt lines among Generation Z, thereby establishing a strong consumer base for future household decision-makers and securing long-term market presence?”

LBS Master Students Assess the Target Market for Philips Speech Processing Solutions

Speech Processing Solutions, a global technology company and leading provider of professional dictation solutions worldwide, enlisted Lauder Business School´s International Management and Leadership (IML) Master´s students´ support to create a global marketing campaign to popularize their solutions to an audience of younger professionals in the legal field.

Venture Capital Trends: A Fireplace Talk with Mag. Berthold Baurek-Karlic

We recently had the privilege of hosting Mag. Berthold Baurek-Karlic, founder and managing director of Venionaire Capital, at our Fireplace Talk. As a recognized figure in the realms of mergers, acquisitions, and venture capital, Mr. Baurek-Karlic shared insights from his extensive career, focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment strategies.

Introducing the New Process Management Certification at LBS

Lauder Business School, in collaboration with the Society for Process Management (Gesellschaft für Prozessmanagement – GP), LBS is now offering a unique, internationally-recognized certification program designed to contribute significantly to our students´ professional skill set.
This personalized certification is a gateway to great career-enhancing opportunities. Internationally recognized, this certification will showcase our students´ proficiency in process management and will help them unlock promising entry and advancement opportunities in various industries. Besides offering a great chance to stand out in the job market, the certification will grant our students access to an extensive pool of companies and process management professionals ready to support them with know-how, mentorship and job offers.

Private Bank of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein represented at LBS event on campus

The private banking sector, often seen as a world of glamour and exclusivity akin to a spy novel, remains out of reach for most. On March 12, Master Students at Lauder Business School were given a rare glimpse into this elite world by Adam Lessing, Ph.D., Head of Relationship Management at LGT Bank Österreich, who shared insights into the bank’s services and its commitment to long-term, sustainable success.

Lauder Business School offers new elite certificate

Starting with the Spring 2024 semester, Lauder Business School Strategic Finance and Business Analytics (SFBA) Master´s students have the opportunity to receive an official Certificate on Risk Analytics & Data Science from SAS, a market leading analytics software company. Blending individual work with mandatory parts of the LBS curriculum, students will learn to master business analytics and use SAS-related tools to advance their future career path.

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