Our Strategy

Lauder Business School takes a boutique business school approach in a competitive global environment. LBS offers a learning environment in which students from all over the world live and work together, where faculty and staff are approachable, and from which a closely knit network of successful alumni and major employers is formed. LBS’s international boutique setting nurtures tailor-made, customized and future-oriented learning experiences. This positioning blends well with the founding purpose of Universities of Applied Sciences and, at the same time, makes it a unique offer in Austria.

The core of LBS’s strategy is defined in the LBS Vision and also the LBS Mission statement. Furthermore, the LBS Statement of Research complements these.

The LBS Strategy 2020 has been established by the Executive Management together with the Directors of Study and the LBS department heads comprising the faculty, the educational and the LBS services sector. KPIs and feedback derived from evaluations involving the LBS stakeholders’ input have also been considered in establishing the strategy. The LBS Executive Management supports all departments with human and financial resources to ensure that the strategies developed can be realized.

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