Linkages between Universities and Firms

New study highlights intensive cooperation between technical universities and Austrian companies. Compared to other countries, the results show that the cooperation intensity between firms and universities in Austria is very high. 98% (!) of the leading Austrian companies (“Leitbetriebe”) are engaging in various forms of cooperation projects with universities.

Lauder Business School to host Exchange Program

Lauder Business School will host an exchange program for students attending the International Masters of Business Administration (IMBA) at Bar-Ilan University. Following the conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Lauder Business School and Bar-Ilan University based in Israel, that sealed the intent of academic cooperation between the two institutions, Lauder Business School will host an exchange program for the IMBA students of Bar-Ilan University this summer.

My Story: From LBS to Apple

Omer Halawani graduated from Lauder Business School in 2019 with a Bachelors in International Business Administration. He recently updated us on his new position as AI/MI Siri Analyst at Apple, and we are proud to share his accomplishments.

Panel: Pharma Industry and Economic Recovery

LBS students had the opportunity to participate in an online panel discussion on “Pharmaceutical Industry and the Economic Recovery” co-organized by the LBS Student Union (ÖH) and Lauder Business School. The panelists were two renowned speakers; the Head of Governmental Affairs at MSD, Mag. Walter Hatzenbichler M.E.S, and the General Secretary from the Ministry of Digitalization and Economics, Mag. Florian Frauscher. The discussion was in light of the pandemic outbreak and its consequences, during which Mag. Hatzenbichler led the topic from the viewpoint of the pharmaceutical industry and R&D of vaccinations, and Mag. Frauscher from the standpoint of the government and re-allocations of the budget to combat the pandemic economic consequences.

Introducing new GREEN courses

LBS has decided to introduce new GREEN courses in the academic programs. The aim of the courses is to discuss the environmental impacts of economic activities, the economic analysis of why environmental problems arise in the first place as well as appropriate policy and business responses. A positive vision of the ability of firms to change and align their business models with environmental limits is conveyed and critically examined.

Congratulations to our Master Graduates

Congratulations to our Master Graduates

We are extremely proud to announce that every master student who took their commission exam in September successfully passed and graduated in International Management and Leadership or Strategic Finance and Business Analytics – many of them with merits and distinction.

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