Lauder Business School ranks second in Vienna’s and fourth in Austria´s Universities of Applied Sciences

After receiving the ACBSP accreditation in December 2022, Lauder Business School features again in the leading INDUSTRIEMAGAZIN’s recently released 2023 ranking of Austria’s best Universities of Applied Sciences. We are proud to share that Lauder Business School finds itself in the top tier again, ranking second in Vienna and fourth out of the 17 total universities featured.

Like last year, the categories assessed in the study were, among others, the institution´s grading scale (the best ones scoring result of 2.0 or more), the number of experienced lecturers, the level of up-to-date practical training offered to students, coupled with a high standard and career-relevant curricula, and the quality of its applied research.

This year, the study revealed new emerging trends. Universities of Applied Sciences incorporated an increasing number of courses focusing on sustainability, green transformation, software development, and innovation. It is furthermore vital to note that overall there is a strong emphasis on research projects and agreements of cooperation, helping universities of applied sciences to stay competitive and socially relevant.

Lauder Business School anticipated the sustainability in education trend in 2022, introducing two new green courses in its academic programs: The Economics of Sustainability course in the bachelor’s program and the Green Business Models and Sustainability course in our International Management and Leadership master program. These courses familiarise students with the environmental impacts of economic activities, provide methods for them to understand why environmental problems arise in the first place, and enable them to find appropriate policy and business responses. Given the latest environmental, social and governance (ESG) directives, these courses also critically examine the ability of firms to change and align their business models with environmental limits.

Once more, we are very encouraged to see the hard work of our students and our distinguished lecturers rewarded in such a way. We continue to have an optimistic outlook on what the future holds for our university, our current students, and our graduates.


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