On March 9, our second semester International Management & Leadership students were invited to a “Peace workshop” in the Austrian Parliament by Member of the Parliament Mag. Martin Engelberg. The workshop primarily served to kick off the #Peacebell project within the framework of the course Empirical Research Methods.

Students had the chance to discuss not only with Mag. Engelberg but also with Günter Benischek, Head of Social Banking at Erste Bank, and Emil Diaconu, CEO of Social City Wien. In this workshop, the interlinkages between peace and business/economics, civil society, arts and politics were elaborated. Now the students are well equipped for the next endeavour of the #PeaceBell project: 20 experts from different disciplines (history, art history, architecture, urban planning, peace research etc.) are ready to be interviewed. The interview results will serve to design a survey in which the Viennese population can participate to decide at which location the #PeaceBell shall be placed.

Access the press release (in German)

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