SAS analytics certificate at LBS

Starting with the Spring 2024 semester, Lauder Business School Strategic Finance and Business Analytics (SFBA) Master´s students have the opportunity to receive an official Certificate on Risk Analytics & Data Science from SAS, a market-leading analytics software company. Blending individual work with mandatory parts of the LBS curriculum, students will learn to master business analytics and use SAS-related tools to advance their future career paths.

SAS Academic Specialization track consists of 150 hours of SAS-related coursework and it affords SFBA Master´s students the opportunity to become proficient in data management, advanced analytics, multivariate analysis, business intelligence, and predictive analytics via their SAS® Skill Builder for Students platform courses, live SAS Analytics School courses, and SAS On-Site Workshop Days. The specialization is structured in stages that are designed to take students progressively through the dense material and prepare them for the final exam.

Two mandatory courses which build the foundational structure for completing the SAS training are already part of the SFBA curriculum: Risk Management and the Python and SQL for Finance and Artificial Intelligence course.

The Risk Management course taught by Prof. (FH) Dr. Mag. Donald Baillie, CAP, CBAP, FRM, PMP. provides practical and theoretical knowledge of risk management in financial institutions, covering market, credit, and operational risks. It emphasizes the application of theory to practice, including risk assessment strategies for financial products and derivatives. The knowledge gained is applicable in academia, banking, or corporate environments.

The Python and SQL for Finance and Artificial Intelligence course led by Dr. Michael Schönhart, FRM, CFA, MBA, MSc, covers Python programming, including data structures, loops, functions, and file handling, alongside NumPy and Pandas for data manipulation and visualization. It delves into SQL for database management, emphasizing relational models and query writing. It also introduces machine learning concepts with practical Python and R examples, preparing students for advanced applications in finance and AI. Students will learn to launch a browser-based programming environment as well as progressively advanced techniques using coding or point and click tasks.

Completing an additional 30-hour course in the SAS® Skill Builder for Students platform is also part of the learning pathway. Students must pass the “SAS certified Associate: Modeling using SAS Visual Statistics” exam at the end of it to qualify for the final certification exam.

In addition to the two mandatory courses, the SAS Certificate will be awarded only to students who can complete the Autumn SAS Analytics School taking place on 11-12 November 2024 under the umbrella of the FinTechs, Data Science and Digital Trends course taught by Prof. (FH) Dr. Mag. Baillie, which entails a successful delivery of a presentation showcasing the solution to a case study. The presentation will be held in front of a panel of SAS experts a week after the Analytics Autumn School.

Furthermore, the program includes mandatory participation in the SAS On-Site Workshop Day under Prof. (FH) Dr. Mag. Baillie´s coordination which will entail the completion of a use case on Risk Management Dashboard. The final certification exam will take place in the students´ fourth semester, free of charge. Once the pathway and the two certifications are successfully completed, the coveted SAS Certificate on Risk Analytics & Data Science will be issued to our students after their 4th semester, a great addition to their graduation diploma.

Lauder Business School is grateful to Markus Grau, Global Academic Program Manager – SAS, for his support, and to Professors (FH) Dr. Mag. Baillie and Dr. Schönhart for their total dedication to developing our students´ potential.

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