From a distance the digital and analogue blue planet looks the same – but for present and future business leaders it is crucial to know the difference in order to understand their digital transformation.That´s where the Internet of Things (IOT) Futuretrail Course conducted by our lecturer Ing. Mag. Robert Kotal CFP® EFA® kicks in, using a complete new teaching approach W-A-V-E.

In six different sessions our students learn digitalization to its very core as they:

  • have to manage a virtual company that is under a severe cyberattack divided in “attackers” and “defenders” while playing the Game of Threats™ developed by PwC
  • use computer vision to recognize faces and objects using Raspberry Pies, Python and open libraries
  • learn how to improve their businesses using state of the art technologies like LoRAWAN, and blockchains
  • connect the virtual with the real world using Google, Minecraft and smart home technologies

Modern businesses require future leaders to be up-to-date with the current trends and implement digital technologies in their business models. Constant innovation is the key to success of any company.




This is why we educate for the FUTURE, with the LBS-hands-on approach!

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