In spring term 2015 Lauder Business School was proud to offer students a chance to join our new extra-curricular Stock Trading Program. The pilot program began in June 2015 and is set to last over the summer holidays. The virtual investment program is run by faculty member Dr. Karl Knezourek, along with student initiator Zachary Richeimer (IBA 2013) and sponsored by Friends of Lauder Business School. The program is intended to encourage students to apply the knowledge that they learn in the classroom to real world application. It aims at providing students with a fun and practical outlet for the knowledge that they acquire in the classroom to the complex world of investing. As well as motivate them to pursue further knowledge of the investment world, both here on campus and after graduation.

The program provides students with virtual electronic money to invest in real time stock markets. Each student receives an imaginary account balance of one million US dollars to buy and trade real time stocks on the NASDAQ and NY Stock Exchange. Every student must invest and develop a personal portfolio over the course of three months. Students will manage their individual portfolios during the summer break, and compete for the highest return over the short course of time. Each student has a personal account on an online platform that allows them to perform trades and manage their portfolios whenever the market is open. The learning curve occurs mainly out of the classroom as each student researches and calculates the data needed to manage a successful portfolio.

In supporting classroom sessions, where students discuss strategic approaches towards investing, like simple concepts of diversification, as well as the more complex market beta and correlation factors. Each student must develop their own approach, and balance the level of risk to return ratio that they are willing to take, in order to pull ahead of the rest of the group.

The platform provides participants with a leaderboard and statistics that allows them to monitor the progress of each student over the course of the summer. At the end of the program the students with the three most improved portfolios will be awarded certificates as well as generous prizes from the sponsor. This is the first time officially running the program and all available spots have been filled. LBS plans to conclude the pilot program in the beginning of fall term 2015-16. In the last session in October 2015 the students will discuss what they learnt, provide feedback for the course and the three winners will walk away with very real capital gains. If successful, this program will become a regular extra-curricular activity and permanent fixture on campus. Stay tuned to see who finishes with the best portfolio in fall 2015.

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