IML graduates Betty Chalegoua and Donna Chagal acted as teaching assistants

in Prof. Philippe Rosinski’s seminar at LBS

After having graduated from the IML program with distinction, Betty Chalegoua and Donna Chagal changed sides. They were invited to join Professor Philippe Rosinski’s Coaching across Cultures seminar in November 2014 as teaching assistants. “The first few moments in front of our former colleagues were peculiar, but we and the participating students quickly accepted our new roles”, Ms. Chalegoua and Ms. Chagal recall the moment they entered the classroom.

The rich knowledge in cross-cultural management gained during their degree at LBS certainly helped them to master this novel situation. Moreover, Prof. Rosinski’s highly engaging coaching approach quickly dissipated any anxieties. Together with the teaching assistants the students conjointly selected the topics for discussion. Betty Chalegoua valued her affinity to the students to be beneficial. “I share their experiences of integrating into a new and diverse learning environment. The participants opened up easily, and often I only had to facilitate their peer-coaching.” The supportive exchange with Philippe Rosinski – mostly by virtual communication between Belgium, Austria, Israel, and Greece – proved essential in preparing this first teaching assignment.

Both graduate teaching assistants agreed that their involvement in Prof. Rosinski’s seminar was a great opportunity to return to their business school and also a reward for their exceptional commitment and performance while enrolled at LBS. “My tasks in the coaching seminar showed me that I can transmit novel materials and inspire students to explore challenges from different angles”, confirmed Donna Chagal, now an account manager, who seeks to pursue a career in higher education. Moreover, Betty Chalegoua who was hired by a Vienna-based company immediately after graduation also emphasizes the added value of Prof. Rosinski’s seminar for jobs in internationally competitive business settings.

LBS is proud and honored to call Ms. Chagal and Ms. Chalegoua our alumni. A firm focus on academic excellence, leadership in curricular activities, and professional development paved their way from business school to promising careers.

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