The January 2014 issue of the Austrian business magazine Trend features the experiences of highly skilled migrants to Austria. They report about adaptation processeses, initial struggles with German, and encounters with bureaucracy. But they also emphasize the personal and professional advantages of living in Austria.

The story also portrays a highly accomplished LBS graduate – Nathalia Wiesen. Ms. Wiesen’s story epitomizes the challenges and the opportunities of studying, working and settling down far home. A couple of years ago she came all the way from Sao Paulo to Vienna to enrol in the IML master program. Upon graduation, Nathalia Wiesen was awarded the Red-White-Red Card and, subsequently, found employment in steel trade.

“I had to face many ups and downs”, Ms. Wiesen states, “but at the end of the day, it is definitely possible to achieve something if you focus on what you want.”

Lauder Business School is proud to be part of this impressive success story.

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