Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter, the CEO of A1 Telekom Austria and the Mexican Ambassador in Austria, Mr. Gongora, honoured us with their presence in a get together event with the Mexican Delegation.

Lauder Business School had the pleasure of welcoming the Monte Sinai High School Mexican Delegation from Mexico City.

The initiative of establishing collaboration between the Monte Sinai High School and the Lauder Business School started one year ago when representatives from LBS visited the Jewish community of Mexico City and further invited them for a visit to Vienna.

The scope of their visit was to introduce the best Monte Sinai High School students to the Lauder Business School academic environment aiming at establishing a future productive collaboration between the two academic institutions.

The Monte Sinai High School potential candidates and faculty members of LBS had the pleasure of participating in an inviting Get Together event, which took place at the LBS campus.

The participants of the event had the pleasure to be introduced to our guests of honour, the Ambassador of Mexico in Austria, Mr. Luis Alfonso De Alba Gongora and Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter, the CEO of A1 Telekom Austria. Two main topics were discussed among the audience: ‘the importance of establishing diplomatic relationship‘ and ‘key success factors regarding the business relationship between Mexico and Austria’. A vibrant and interactive talk emerged with Ambassador Gongora and Dr. Ametsreiter due to the many questions posed by the audience.

On this note, Lauder Business School is looking forward to establish future corporations with the Mexican academic community.

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