LBS Innovation Center is excited to share the latest updates from our tech startup Insticore and, after a year and a half of intensive development, we are especially happy to present the first version of Instigo*, your one-stop shop for Paid Ads Management.

Instigo is a cloud based SaaS (Software as Service) tool which can be used to create, manage and optimize your advertising activities across multiple platforms, all from within one centralized tool. At the moment Instigo is integrating the Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn advertising platforms, with more providers to come in the near future.

In the next phase, Instigo will be backed by an AI that connects the included touchpoints under one umbrella, enabling a smooth operation of marketing tasks, while, at the same time, learning from datasets from various sources. This will allow Instigo to autonomously plan, build, optimize and execute digital marketing campaigns across all channels, i.e. to become the ultimate autonomous growth hacker.

Our vision is to detach human emotion and gut feelings from digital marketing and to create a full-stack, data-based marketer that never sleeps.

You are cordially invited to join Instigo as an early user and try it out for free! Visit app.instigo.io to start now or book a free demo at hello@instigo.io.


*This project has been partially funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency – FFG and incubated by Lauder Business School.

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