On September 20, we were delighted to welcome many proud families and friends to the Lauder Business School campus for a Masters graduation ceremony. The ceremony started with a welcoming speech by our Executive Director Alexander Zirkler in the beautiful baroque LBS ballroom. In his address, he highlighted the international quality of both our Master programs and drew the parallel: “The value of your diplomas will increase in time like the value of a good painting.”

In continuation of the ceremony, Director of MA studies Prof. (FH) Dr. Tamás Csermely, MSc, congratulated the graduates on their outstanding achievement and commitment:

“Dear graduates,

One journey ends and a new endeavour starts for you today …Thank you for being with us these past two years, for all the sleepless nights, and the many group projects and papers you successfully delivered.

Here on this day, I would like to encourage you to go the extra mile, and I promise you, you will be lucky! Be aware, it’s long road, not a pleasure cruise. You cannot know where the journey ends, but if you work hard and look out for opportunities you WILL MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK! As Will Roger put it: ‘Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.’ We would be delighted if you continued your journey and if you shared your future success with us.

Congratulations, Master Class of 2019! We wish you meaningful lives and thriving careers!”

The ceremony concluded with the bestowal of diplomas and a cheerful reception in the LBS ballroom. We will miss you and would like to remind you to stay connected through the LBS Alumni via our portal or contact us at alumni@lbs.ac.at.

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