My ambition is simple; make L’Oréal Paris the most beautiful brand in the world, a brand that conveys modernity, glamour and product excellence all over the globe. To achieve that, we have 4 obsessions: sophistication, local relevance, superiority and surprise.
‘The magic of science makes ultimate beauty dreams come true’
Cyril Chapuy
International General Manager for L’Oréal Paris

L’Oréal Paris is the leading brand of the L’Oréal Group portfolio. If L’Oréal Paris has become a legendary brand, it is also because it is profoundly entrenched in the history of the Group.
L’Oréal Brandstorm Competition is created since 1992, covering participants (students) from more then 280 campuses located in 45 different countries.


The Lauder Business School is pleased to participate in this years’ competition for creative and entrepreneurial minds, with a group of bachelor students of the fourth semester in Intercultural Business Administration. The LBSensation group consists of three prompted students, Anna Oberdorfer, Jedidja Rittri and Michael Muyambo.

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