When you are Europe´s largest next-generation fixed and mobile network provider, you are a top operator across 21 markets, reaching 47 partner markets and 168 countries, world market leader in Internet of Things, and are also committed to #SwitchToGigaGreen, both as a business, and as a business partner, what else is left to conquer? Space!

Vodafone is one of the four companies chosen to partner with Lauder Business School (LBS), TU Wien Space Team and K-Sat Stuttgart in the high-altitude flight project that will collect and share relevant environmental climate data, scheduled for 17 July. Vodafone impressed the LBS panel with their clear action points to provide connectivity powered by sustainable energy and to educate consumers on responsible energy consumption.

Connectivity powered by sustainable energy

Vodafone’s entire European operations, from their mobile and fixed networks to their data centres and offices, are 100 % powered by electricity from renewable sources, and they aim to reach the same goals across their African markets by 2025.

What´s more, they launched a company-wide initiative to achieve net zero emissions of their operations by 2040, in line with reductions required to keep warming to below 1.5c. To achieve this, they developed a five-pronged approach that informs the way they invest resources into optimizing their operations, energy consumption, and the products and services they offer – from environmentally friendly SIMs made with recycled plastic, to promoting consumption of refurbished electronic devices and providing Eco Rating for smartphones and devices. Here´s a glimpse into their action plan:

  • Purchase more efficient equipment and cooling technologies for servers and other network equipment.
  • Use renewable energy sources on-site.
  • Close long-term supply contracts with renewable developers.
  • Use electricity with high quality RECs/ Guarantees of Origin or renewable tariffs.
  • Engage in projects and activities that reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Among these, Vodafone informs their customers on the sustainability of smartphones, offering advice on how to make them last longer and encouraging them to recycle and buy refurbished devices.


On Earth Day, 22 April 2022, Vodafone launched their #SwitchToGigaGreen campaign and publicly committed to reduce carbon emissions and to educate their customers and partners in pursuing green consumption values. Their commitment to transparency, strategic action plan, and willingness to continuously improve makes us proud to call Vodafone our partner.

This spring, Vodafone and Lauder Business School successfully concluded a 7-month long student consultancy project on the topic of inclusivity. The partnership on the upcoming space project comes as a confirmation that our #sustainablegoals align, and that we are happy to support each other in achieving greatness.

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