We kicked off the project on 5 April, called for applications and now are proud to reveal our partners in our journey to reach for the stars!

Over the next few days, you will find out more about each an every one of the four companies selected to join Lauder Business School on the strato-flight project.

Today, we open our series with PwC Austria , who will join Lauder Business School´s inter-disciplinary strato-flight project on 17 July to collect environmental data, achieved in partnership with TU Wien Space Team and K-Sat Stuttgart.

At the forefront of helping companies and organizations implement the latest environmental, social and governance (ESG) directives, PwC needs no introduction – it is, as its name suggests, an auditing and consulting powerhouse which gathers a “community of solvers” under one roof.

A community of solvers

Environmentalists, sociologists, economists, strategists, technologists – all work together to help companies transform their strategy, processes, and reporting and align themselves to the latest ESG standards, ensuring sustainable progress and a secure future.

When Lauder Business School presented its strato-flight project, PwC Austria welcomed the opportunity to support it, understanding that involvement in global problems starts in the classroom. To foster a community of solvers, one must first nurture a community of learners. Real transformation begins in lecture rooms and study halls, and what better way to inspire the next generation of leaders than by supporting their meaningful initiatives?

“At PwC, we believe the business community has a key role in making the world a better place. As a reflection of our strategy ‘to build trust and deliver sustained outcomes’, we’re committed to leading by example” states Manuela Hartl, Manager of Human Capital at PwC Austria. “We are proud to support students from LBS & TU Wien with their project to collect relevant telemetry and environmental climate data and are looking forward to making sustainable impact happen together!”

Practical solutions for the world´s burning problems

Providing practical, actionable solutions to companies comes with great responsibility. Accountability is key to building trust and enabling partners to heed your advice. It gives them the guarantee that the advice comes from experience. PwC Austria practices accountability both internally and to their stakeholders through the high standards they set for themselves. They have publicly pledged to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and are continuously working to reduce their carbon footprint – from relocating their headquarters in 2018 to the locally famous DC Tower, a “green building” certified with LEED© platinum status, to going paperless – using energy-saving printers and flat screens, revising their flight policy, optimizing waste separation and developing recycling systems.

Long-standing cooperation

The collaboration between LBS and PwC Austria is not new. Over the spring semester, LBS partnered with PwC Austria and TU Wien to bring career-changing SAP courses to campus and will continue the partnership in the winter semester as well.

In the Internet of Things (IoT) Future Trail course, Prof. (FH) Ing. Mag. Robert Kotal CFP® EFA® uses PwC´s Game of Threats, a cyber-threat simulation game, to help students better understand the steps they can take to protect companies from cyber-attacks.

The current project comes as a confirmation that ultimately through support, cooperation and purposeful actions we can lay the groundwork for a safer future.

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