C Reiner Rotschild Award

Prof. (FH) Dr. Christian Reiner, LBS lecturer and senior researcher received the  prestigious Kurt-Rothschild-Award for Economic Journalism and Research, together with two co-authors, Karin Fischer (Johannes Kepler University Linz) and Cornelia Staritz (University of Vienna).

The academics received the prize for their research on global value chains and unequal development. In addition to their academic work, the prize also acknowledges their contributions to the public debate in the form of newspaper articles, blog posts, interviews, and public lectures. A video of the ceremony is available here.

The prize is named after the Austrian economist Kurt Rothschild (1914-2010). Being Jewish, he had to flee the Nazis and worked at the University of Glasgow until he returned to Austria in 1947. He became a leading intellectual and influential economist with an international reputation for his insightful and multi-perspective work on unemployment, distribution, and corporate power. His lifelong work was dedicated to making the world a better place : „Ultimately, economics shall be aware of the fact, that theory must not become an end in itself. Theory shall enable a detailed examination of the surrounding world in order to make it more humane. “

Dr. Reiner is proud continue the honorable tradition of Rothchild’s economic thought and delighted to be the recipient of the Kurt-Rothschild-Award.

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