The Lauder Business School Career Center had the honour of welcoming Mr. Wolfgang Anzengruber, CEO and Chairman of the Managing Board of the VERBUND Electricity Company, to continue the series of interactive presentations called ‘fireplace talks’. The VERBUND Company is known as Austria’s leading electricity company and one of the largest producers of electricity from hydropower in Europe.

CEO Anzengruber introduced the LBS alumni and faculty members participating in this talk to three main topics; ‘the challenges faced in today’s highly competitive world’, ‘change management in a hyper flexible market’ and ‘key factors of business success’. A vibrant and interactive dialogue arose with CEO Anzengruber due to the many questions posed by the audience. Afterwards the event received superb acclaim from both CEO Anzengruber and the LBS academic community.

The LBS Career Center is looking forward to establishing future co-operations with VERBUND Electricity Company, aiming at creating possible job- and internship opportunities for LBS raduates. To learn more about CEO Wolfgang Anzengruber please visit the VERBUND Company website.

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