LBS Career Center Meeting DI Franz Viehböck

DI Franz Viehböck, Chief Technology Officer at Berndorf AG, paid a visit to Lauder Business School to talk about his approach to Management and Leadership as a key decision maker in a globally operating group. Prior to embarking on a senior management career in the U.S. with Rockwell and Boeing, Franz Viehböck won great acclaim for being Austria’s one and only cosmonaut taking part in the Austromir 91 space mission. As part of this fireplace talk, Mr. Viehböck recounted some of his fascinating experiences in space as well as his two-year preparatory training in what was then still the Soviet Union. He demonstrated how he was able to transfer his skills and qualifications as a cosmonaut to his subsequent positions in highly technology-driven industries.

This fireplace talk provided a great opportunity for students, alumni, faculty and members of the LBS professional network to gain insight into Mr. Viehböck’s remarkable career. We are extremely grateful that DI Franz Viehböck shared with us both his profound knowledge and some witty anecdotes on this exceptional evening.

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