Principal Investigator: Prof. (FH) Dr. Elisabeth Kübler, MSc (LSE)

Collaborators: IML 2011 students
Duration of the project: June 2012 – April 2013
Contact: research@lbs.ac.at

Objectives of the project

This project is set to establish an Alumni Association for all Lauder Business School graduates in order to enable a platform for the purposes of networking, career advice, exchange of internship/traineeship/job offers and mentoring. The project commences with ideas and guidelines, including in which way it should be developed and finalised. Nevertheless, the challenge and duty for the project team is to, firstly, find out what the available possibilities are and -on this basis- to work out an overall framework in order to achieve the desired outcome from the client. The development of an Alumni Association is a long and complex process and requires a substantial and carefully elaborated structure to build up a sustainable framework. The client will receive an Alumni Association which offers a platform for graduates to still stay in touch, to still receive information about the Lauder Business School and all these topics are addressed and implemented on the LBS Alumni Association website.

Research methods
The study included both qualitative and quantitative research methods. For the Customer Survey, the purpose of the research was to find out whether the LBS Alumni Association should be created and how it should be successfully functioning, and the way it should operate, also to establish if there are any participants willing to contribute to its maintenance, development and coordination. The survey was conducted among LBS students, graduates and the faculty members by means of the SurveyMonkey online tool. Moreover, as for the Collection of Best Practices, the main task was to collect information (in situ interviews) on the best existing practices from other universities and to give recommendations on how to establish LBS Alumni International, which include: how to elaborate on and to analyse existing Alumni Associations. Interviews were conducted with alumni representatives of internationally oriented schools and universities in Austria and Vienna-based Alumni Associations of renowned Anglo-American universities.

Based on the findings of the project, LBS Alumni International will provide a connection to over 300 alumni worldwide to the university, fellow alumni as well as current students. The association’s principal platform will be its official website, and it will connect alumni to relevant Facebook/LinkedIn pages. The association’s mission is to provide support to members by establishing and maintaining a professional and social international community. LBS Alumni International will be committed to providing networking and career mentoring designed to keep alumni of all ages and interests connected to the university and to each other.

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