After having studied the theoretical principles of managing projects, analyzing stakeholders and overseeing the entire process from initiation to completion, it was time for IBA 2014 students to practically apply what they learned.

As part of the Project Management II course in the 4th semester, students were required to create tutorial videos about the LBS presentation standards. Prior to the course, the LBS Presentation Evaluation Grid was introduced, a guideline for both lecturers and students to ensure consistency, high performance as well as fair grading and evaluation of presentations. The goal of the videos was to be used as peer learning material, to make future new students familiar with our standards and to show them the right way of delivering a presentation according to the institution’s standards.

In order to motivate the students to create the best videos, a competition was initiated with an attractive prize for the winning video. While the 3 best videos will be added to the LBS YouTube channel, the winning video is uploaded on the LBS website (see above). All of the videos will be evaluated as to their usability in the first semester course “Presentations and communication techniques”.

These incentives and competitiveness pushed students to excellence, which was showcased at the final screening.

On Thursday, June 2nd, faculty heads, lecturers and students gathered to view the final 11 videos. After the viewing, each audience member voted for their favorite video. In order to win the audience over, the video had to be comprehensive, engaging and entertaining.

It was truly impressive to see the work of the different groups. Although they had no real budget, limited equipment and minimal previous filming experience, they still managed to create outstanding results. The personalities of the team members were very visible in the videos. While some preferred a more serious, professional video, others chose to engage the audience with humor.

The benefits of the project were tremendous. Students learned to practically transfer their knowledge into an actual project. They learned to properly work as a team, allocating tasks equally and communicating clearly. Students realized that even though resources may sometimes be limited, delivering high quality results is always possible.

We see this course as part of a bigger process of practical implementation of theoretical knowledge. LBS highly values the self-expression of students and such courses enable them to be creative, ambitious and to bring their own ideas into realization.

Sagi Zilbershatz

Chairman, LBS Student Union

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