Congratulations to the Masters Class of 2012

“Today we are celebrating your graduation, a very personal experience for you and also a special event for the Lauder Business School. This is the seventeenth graduation ceremony of our institute. Soon, we too will be considered grown-up.

Our selection of studies has increased, as have the number of our students and the quality of studies. Our network has increased, our partner companies in industry and economy as well as our academic network, the number of our alumni has increased, as do their networks.

The number of publications by the Lauder Business School has increased, as has our international prestige.

I tell you this because now your opportunities increase too. In this challenging job and business market, networks and a good name count more than ever.

May your future careers, studies and life paths contribute to our increasing success.

Also in the name of our President Ambassador Ronald S. Lauder, I congratulate you on your special day and wish you all the best.”

Alexander Zirkler (Executive Director, Lauder Business School) – Graduation Speech 2015


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