LBS Career Center is happy to continue its activities also in the spring term 2017. On Friday, March 24, Mr. David Grünfeld Králík, MA, General Electric (GE) ambassador and LBS alumnus, visited our campus to promote GE early leadership programs, with an emphasis on the Financial Management Program (FMP) of which he himself is a part. This event was available to all interested LBS students and alumni in order to introduce GE as a potential employer after graduation as well as to track another Success Story of LBS graduates.

Mr. Králík finished his BA in International Business Administration and MA in Banking, Finance and Compliance at Lauder Business School in 2015. Looking back at his time at LBS, he now realizes the exclusivity of small classes and the high-quality of professors and lecturers teaching in all programs. Moreover, his career path was immensely influenced by the diversity and intercultural exchange he experienced at LBS.

The GE FMP presentation on Friday started off with an introduction round of the students and Mr. Králík. The second part of the event was a general presentation about GE as a company and as an employer. GE is a U.S. company that emphasizes their “start-up” culture in spite of its more than 300,000 employees operating in over 140 countries, and 125-year old history. The entrepreneurial spirit is deeply embedded in the company, their employees are empowered and given the tools to work independently as well as in teams.

For recent graduates, GE offers seven global leadership programs in the fields of engineering, finance, digital technology, operations, marketing & sales, and human resources, as well as a variety of internship possibilities. The leadership programs are multi-year experiences with 3 to 4 rotations on different assignments and in a different country. Rotations are about leaving your comfort zone. Králík explains, “The moment you feel comfortable, it’s time to move on to another role, where you can learn and grow.”

Mr. Králík gave detailed descriptions of the recruiting process and the assessment center. His advice for future candidates: “Focus on your leadership skills and flexibility.” After the Q & A session, LBS students had a chance to get feedback on their CVs and engage with our guest.

LBS Career Center encourages our graduates and students to consider GE as a potential employer. We are looking forward to future activities and events and invite all the students to participate!

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