Honorata Holodniak, BA
DAAD Workshop on Project Management in the Process of Internationalization
Erasmus staff mobility (SMT)
May 30-31, 2016


Holodniak_PicI participated in a two-day seminar in Berlin which was organized by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). Dr. Nils Reschke was lecturing on the topic of Project Management in the Process of Internationalisation.


A case study which led the discussions as a red thread made participants familiar with the general concept of project management. All participants were actively involved to outline the major components of project management and discussed them afterwards in group. The group discussion was very effective and informative, as it was an input of experiences and know-how from different angles in the field of internationalization. The fact, that there are a lot of project management software on the market does not guarantee a successful completion of the project if you lack the know-how. A project manager has to balance the expectations of the institution, the stakeholders which are close to the institution and third parties; all this embedded in different cultural backgrounds.


For me, it was a very interesting and capturing experience. Project management is an essential part in the International Office, as it includes a wide range of protagonists which we sometimes do not really detect unless we have a clear picture of the whole situation. Moreover, a lot of projects fail because of poorly defined goals, which is my golden rule out of the entire training. As I am taking over the International Office at Lauder Business School, I will try to implement the matrixes of Risk and Stakeholder Analyses for the future project at LBS in order to avoid misunderstanding or project failure. Especially in the International Office, one can be exposed to considerable pressure and expectation gaps. The workshop raised my awareness to these issues, and with the knowledge gained I will try to anticipate and reduce the risks of frustration or pressure.

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