We are proud to announce that LBS faculty continues to innovate and improve the quality of our teaching methods. This ongoing development in teaching techniques was also recently officially acknowledged by including some of the LBS best teaching practices in the “Atlas of Good Teaching” managed by The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research of Austria.

Last year Mag. phil. Thomas Geldmacher was nominated in the category “Research-related or art-led teaching” for his course “Presentations and Communication Techniques” from the LBS bachelor program. This year, the baton was handed over to Ing. Mag. Robert Kotal CFP ®EFA® and his course “FutureTrail Internet of Things” from the master program, which was included in the category “Digital Transformation in Teaching”.

The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research collects best teaching practices from Austria in the online platform “Atlas of Good Teaching” in order to make them publicly available as a general “online reference work”. Through its function as an overview tool and for the mutual exchange of information, the website is intended to support the continuous improvement of quality in teaching and to make corresponding activities visible.

With regards to this year’s nomination, Ing. Mag. Kotal explains that it is becoming increasingly clear that in the near future, business graduates will face an economic environment of industry 4.0 that might overwhelm some job starters.

Therefore, graduates of business studies must not only have a sound knowledge of business administration, but also a networked way of thinking related to new and different technologies. Economic, ethical and sustainable decisions will in future also be (co-)supported by machines and this is why his course FutureTrail Internet of Things starts with a new interlocking methodological approach (W-A-V-E), intended to introduce the students to a completely new subject in a playful and cooperative way.

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