Between 10-15 July, Lauder Business School welcomed on campus 18 International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) students from Bar-Ilan University together with Dr. Alon Raviv, Head of the IMBA program, Ms. Cindy Sinvany, IMBA coordinator, Ms. Hava Barak-Yochalis, Advisor, and Dr. Yevgeny Mugerman, lecturer of finance. The visit was part of an exchange program meant to deepen the cooperation between our university and the Israel-based academic institution.

The students were enrolled in two courses offered this semester by Lauder Business School to the IMBA program at Bar-Ilan, a Management Consulting course and a Social Media Marketing course. Their online classes culminated in an intensive week-long training on LBS grounds, where the students got a chance to experience life on our campus, use LBS programs like the Bloomberg terminals, and meet their professors face to face. The highlight of their exchange program was their company visit to Baumit, a known provider of construction materials, for insight into their production, management processes, and systems.

With over 200 years of history behind it, Baumit is known all over Europe as the most trusted provider of quality construction materials. They have scaled their business over the years and readjusted to the demands of the times. From a small lime kiln to a company providing the best building materials, Baumit is represented in 25 countries worldwide. Chosen for their impeccable products and services, but also for their streamlined and scalable processes and workflows, Baumit showed the Bar-Ilan exchange students their facilities, their manufacturing operations, and their systems, giving them a chance to find out more about Baumit´s history and their international scaling strategy.

The cooperation with Bar-Ilan University started in 2017 with faculty and students exchange programs. This year´s joint teaching initiative, the first of its kind, opens the way for future integrated courses between our institutions, and we look forward to seeing this collaboration expand further.

Exchange program participants shared their impressions with us, and we are happy to relay their statements:

“It was an amazing experience,” said Paul P., International MBA Student at Bar-Ilan University. “We were given all the necessary support and I was very glad to see the professors in person and to hear the point of view form a different cultural perspective.  Being exposed to the Bloomberg terminals was a big plus.”

“The academic experience was very good,” stated Marilena L., IMBA candidate at Bar-Ilan. “The Management Consulting course was especially strong.  The organization and logistics were excellent, and I appreciated the field trip!”

Gil S., IMBA candidate, Bar-Ilan: “I really enjoyed the experience.  Both of the courses were taught well and were very interesting and practical.  The staff were very helpful and their hospitality was great.  The schedule was good.”

Given the academic rigor and the highest possible standards Bar-Ilan University imposes on their students, we are honored to receive their appreciation, and we look forward to hosting a new group in the future.

A warm thank you to Dr. Alon Raviv, and Ms. Cindy Sinvany for making this cooperation possible.

We would also like to extend our gratitude  to Baumit for their hospitality, and to Mea Shearim, the Viennese restaurant that hosted our welcome dinner.

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