We are pleased to announce that the application process for the upcoming academic year 2021/2022 has started!


All applicants who are interested in applying either for the Bachelor Program International Business Administration, or one of our two Master Programs International Management and Leadership and Strategic Finance and Business Analytics are kindly requested to register online and start their application through our online admission tool. More information on our admissions process, requirements and necessary documents can be found under our Apply pages. In case you have further questions please contact our Admissions Department at admission@lbs.ac.at.

We would like to inform you that we plan to start the academic year on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 on our campus with mandatory personal attendance of 75% of the classes as usual.

Letter from our Directors of Studies:

Dear Students, dear Applicants,

we would like to inform you that – taking the existing as well as the projected legal and medical situation into consideration – Lauder Business School is going to return to normal on-campus teaching modalities as of the fall term 2021-2022, implying that the upcoming semester is going to be a regular semester.

For the International Business Administration bachelor program, this implies that classes will take place exclusively on campus.

For both of the master programs, this means that the overwhelming majority of class sessions (approx. 2/3 of the program) will take place on campus. The backbone of on-campus classes will be complemented with an approximate 1/3 online ratio (Zoom sessions, webinars) due to recent curricular developments and following our strategy for the master programs.

Therefore, we would like to remind you to make the necessary arrangements regarding your residence permit, visa, etc. in time to ensure that you can attend the on-campus class sessions as of October 5, 2021 as well as the on-campus 2nd round or retake exams (if applicable to you) as of September 15, 2021. All in all, make sure that you arrive to Austria in time should traveling restrictions apply towards your country or if you have to stay in quarantine for a prescribed period of time after your arrival to Austria. Please enquire at the local Austrian embassy in your country or at your embassy/representative in Austria regarding the exact regulations that apply to your specific itinerary and plan/book your arrival accordingly.

Please also be so kind as to note that the attendance of classes (min. 75% for each class) is mandatory in line with LBS regulations. Note that the attendance regulation will not be waived for not being able to arrive in time.

We also recommend and encourage you to take advantage of existing vaccination opportunities in your country before arriving to Austria if this opportunity is provided.

Lauder Business School is constantly monitoring the legal requirements and the medical situation in Austria. Furthermore, we fully adhere to the current requirements on all fronts (wearing masks, requesting proof of tests/vaccination/healed status, maintaining social distance, etc.). We will proactively update you about the exactly prescribed on-campus measures in due time proactively.

We look forward to (re-)welcoming you soon!

Kindest regards,

Prof. (FH) Mag. Julius Dem, MBA
Prof. (FH) Dr. Tamás Csermely, MSc

Directors of Studies

May 19, 2021 I Vienna, Austria

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