On Friday, 07 July, surrounded by emotional parents and friends, excitement filled the faces of our graduates. Aside from pride and genuine relief, feeling the anticipation of a well-deserved summer break, our graduates were congratulated by teary-eyed professors and LBS staff, and applauded by the Executive Director, many guests of honour, including our keynote speaker, Mr. Julian Jäger, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Vienna International Airport. Chosen for his extensive experience in aviation and his instrumental role in the successful management and expansion of the Vienna Airport, Mr. Jäger´s speech stressed the importance of connectivity and connectedness. While connectivity is something that makes the world we live in smaller than ever before in human history (aviation playing a role in it, too) – connectedness – the state of being united and undivided with other people – is what ultimately will redeem it from divisiveness and strife.

We know that pondering next moves for new beginnings can sometimes be daunting, and since it takes time for the reality of an ending to set in, we leave below the key points of Mr. Jäger´s speech:

  • Young ambitious talents are always valuable, as long as they relentlessly continue to cultivate their talents and strive to make the world a better place.
  • While connectivity rendered our world “smaller” than ever before – through economic interdependence, technology and global communication – it is connectedness that will help our society overcome the multiple challenges it faces: wars, either physical or ideological, climate changes and economic unrest. We have to work together to search for what we have in common, for what unites us, and not focus on the things that divide us. Strive to work together and cooperate to make the world a better place, together.
  • We bear sole responsibility to make the best of the education we receive. Don´t wait for opportunities to find you, you have the responsibility to find or create them.
  • Look for the things that inspire and interest you, but most importantly, look out for the people that are important to you.
  • Search for a workplace where your talent is most valued and where you find satisfaction in contributing. There is no standard recipe for success, but if you pursue what give you the satisfaction, you will find a personal way to success.

We are excited to send off our recent graduates on their new journeys and we are confident that whatever they choose to pursue, they will certainly succeed. No matter what you choose to pursue, remember that Lauder Business School is very proud of you!

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