Online MBA

Modern and flexible online program that adheres to USA standards

4 Semesters, 120 ECTS

Comprehensive focus on Management and Business

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Language: English

Strategic Skills for Today´s Reality

The LBS online MBA is a modern and flexible two-year program that adheres to USA standards. Fully accredited by the relevant Austrian national authorities (AQ Austria) within the European Union, the online MBA program benefits from the university’s global recognition through its full ACBSP (USA) program accreditation. The online MBA program is designed to enhance your professional experience and propel your career forward. With a curriculum centered on real-world practice and taught by professionals leading in their fields, this flexible program targets working professionals wanting to broaden their expertise and acquire comprehensive knowledge in management and business. Offering majors in Green & Sustainable Business Management or International & Digital Marketing, the online MBA aims to equip participants with the skills and insights needed to become versatile and adaptable professionals and excel in a management position.

Have It Your Way

The program consists of customized, expertly crafted webinars and monthly consultations with lecturers designed to be completed entirely online, allowing for parallel full-time employment. It provides specialized analytical know-how and practical knowledge, and exposes students to the latest trends and developments in business. LBS online MBA students receive advanced and well-rounded education in fields as various as economic decision-making, business analysis, leadership skills, agile methods, business strategy, and consulting, and learn to implement their acquired knowledge using modern practical tools such as SAP.

Your Potential: Now International

Students have the opportunity to connect with peers and lecturers by engaging in on-campus Fireplace Talks and participating in company visits. Aside from receiving an excellent education from a Business School with ACBSP- American accredited programs, students joining the LBS online MBA program become part of a lifelong, supportive international community of professionals and peers – a platform facilitating the exchange of ideas and sharing of best practices, an indispensable asset for a career anywhere in the world.

Global Recognition & Academic Excellence

Fully accredited by the relevant Austrian national authorities (AQ Austria) within the European Union, the online MBA program benefits from the university’s global recognition through its full ACBSP (USA) program accreditation. Nationally, LBS ranked 2nd in Vienna and 4th in Austria (2022 &2023) by the independent INDUSTRIEMAGAZIN, for academic excellence and the high employment rate of our students. The independent Peregrine tests also place LBS programs in the top 10% globally among ACBSP-accredited universities.

Gain New Leadership Skills

Gain new leadership skills
and build business acumen

Develop a strategic mindset

Develop a strategic mindset that enables you to take risks

Expand your competencies

Learn to use modern practical
tools like SAP 

Grow your network

Join a wide network of professionals and problem solvers


Flexible Learning: No more juggling schedules or compromising on your commitments. Our fully online MBA features engaging videos, case studies, and interactive materials, allowing you to learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever suits you best. Take exams when you’re prepared, and be in control of your educational journey. With us, you start when you’re ready and progress as swiftly or steadily as your job allows.

Relevant, Practical Curriculum: Our meticulously curated content focuses solely on what’s essential for your career advancement. No outdated theories or irrelevant material—just practical, up-to-date business knowledge directly applicable to your professional life.


Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of both academic scholars and seasoned practitioners. Our professors offer online consultations, ensuring you receive personalized support and guidance every step of the way.

Global Accreditation: Rest assured, your part-time MBA holds weight internationally. Fully accredited by the relevant Austrian national authorities (AQ Austria) within the European Union, the online MBA program benefits from the university’s global recognition through its full ACBSP (USA) program accreditation. Our program opens doors to opportunities on a global scale.

Tailored Course Recognition: At the Lauder Business School online MBA, we prioritize comprehensive recognition of courses, considering not only the nature of students’ professional work but also their past Master-level coursework.



✔ Receive an online MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from a boutique Business School that is fully accredited by the relevant Austrian national authorities (AQ Austria) within the European Union, and that benefits from the university’s global recognition through its full ACBSP (USA) program accreditation.

✔ Flexible MBA– self-paced learning & exams, online classes (easily accessible webinars and resources, EG sample exams, hand-outs, regular online consultations, etc).

✔ Tailored course recognition: We recognize not just your professional experience but also any Master’s-level coursework you’ve completed, enabling you to have some courses recognized.

✔ Unmatched student support – every need is promptly acknowledged and addressed.

✔ Real-world practitioners as lecturers.

✔ State-of-the-art and contemporary learning content.

✔ In-depth hands-on knowledge in a multitude of fields (marketing, strategy, HR, supply chain, accounting, finance, economics, etc.).

✔ International learning environment.

✔ Learn to use various tools like SAP and obtain certificates.

✔ Have additional extracurricular opportunities to acquire certifications in SAS, IPMA, etc.

✔ Excellent job market statistics.

✔ Network of high-potential executives.


Upon enrolment, you have:


✔ Comprehensive access to professionally crafted webinars and instructional videos, scripts, demos, hand-outs, tutorials, practice tests, and interactive study materials essential for completing the online MBA program successfully.

We do it better for you: Over 90% of our program´s content consists of state-of-the-art videos and tutorials that make learning engaging.

✔ Exclusive opportunity to have monthly consultations with lecturers.

✔ Unique opportunities for interaction with peers via the student forum and monthly Coffee Corner get-togethers.

✔ Seamless connectivity across all devices (laptops/PCs, smartphones).

✔ Instant visibility of your grades and feedback.

Career Profiles

Senior (C-level) Management (Board member, CEO, COO, CFO, CPO, CIO, etc.), Head of Functional Areas (Supply Chain, HR, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Analytics, etc.)

Payment Details

We offer flexible payment options for our online MBA to suit your financial preferences:


  • One-time Payment: Secure your entire study program with a single payment of €9,600.
  • Annual Payment: Opt for an annual payment plan at €4,900/ academic year (two years).
  • Semester Payment: Choose to pay per semester: €2,500/ semester (four semesters).

Snapshot of Courses

To view the complete course list and curriculum details of our online MBA, we invite you to download it separately or download our brochure.

Financial & Managerial Accounting International & Diversity Marketing
Business Analytics & Statistics Managing Resources with SAP
Economic Decision-Making & Behaviour Project Management & the Agile Approach
Financial Markets & Quantitative Business Analysis Leadership Capabilities
Business Strategy & Competitiveness Sustainability & the Global Economy
Supply Chains & Processes Digital & Social Media Marketing

Admission Requirements

To get admitted to our online MBA you need to have:
  • a completed Bachelor’s degree program of at least 180 ECTS + 2 years of professional experience
  • or a completed Master´s degree
  • C1 level of English

Key Facts

Program Duration 21-24 months
Registration Online
Start Date Flexible, every 1st day of the month following enrolment, starting with October 1, 2024
Format Online, 100% Flexible, 24/7 access to E-Learning Platform
Examinations Online, at your convenience
Language English
Academic Qualification MBA
ECTS 120
Majors Green & Sustainable Business Management OR International & Digital Marketing
Ranking LBS is ACBSP accredited, ranked 2nd in Vienna and 4th in Austria in 2022 & 2023
Tuition Fee: €9,600

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To learn more about our online MBA, get in touch with our MBA AdvisorMs. Jeannine Madeleine OELSCHUSTER, BA. MA.:

Educational Training Contract

  • As an operator of UAS degree programs, the Lauder Business School is required by law to conclude an educational training contract between the institution and the student determining the rights and duties of both parties and their respective legal basis. Find the contract for the online MBA here.



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Success Stories

What Our Graduates Say

"My experience at LBS was great and unique! During my studies of “Intercultural Management and Leadership” I received a profound knowledge in the area of my interest and met long-life friends. LBS had a significant impact on my personal development. There I experienced studying and working in a highly international environment, which ultimately defined my career path."


Marina Rowe

Global LT, Recruiter EMEA

"Keep it real 🙂 Study hard and make great friends. Don’t shy away from any challenges and try to dream big. Nothing is impossible when you try just a little harder. LBS was a great stepping stone for me and enabled me to achieve great heights in my career later on. I’m humbled to say that it all started in LBS!"

thumb_01_90_90 David Koves

R2G Digital, Founder & CEO

"Lauder Business School is where I learned my business ABC’s and where I laid the first cornerstones of building my professional network. One of the best memories from studying there would have to be the classes with Prof. Christian Mehlich and the mentorship conversations with him outside the classroom."

thumb_01_90_90 Alex Melamed

Microsoft, Marketing Manager

"Lauder Business School Vienna provided me with the practical learning approach, developed using-real life case studies. Those allowed me to look at real business challenges from a CFO / CEO perspective, while being a pragmatic authoritative leader. Also, I had the precious opportunity of being taught by Prof. Joel Stern, which was an absolutely breath-taking experience. One thing I wanted to take away from this program, in addition to the leadership component, was a better understanding of initiating change in today’s uncertain financial markets."

thumb_01_90_90 David Kralik, M.A.

GE Power Austria, Project Control Analyst



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