Terms of Use & Library Regulations

Library Rules and Regulations


The LBS library supports academic teaching and research by making available materials recommended by faculty members specifically for their classes. In addition, the administration assists LBS students in connecting with library services available at other institutions in Vienna.

Required as well as recommended readings are purchased for the library and students will be informed of their required textbooks prior to the beginning of the semester. Students are responsible for purchasing the required class texts!

If possible, copies of required textbooks will be available at the library. Please be aware of the fact that textbooks are for the use of all students. Do not forget – you are not the only one who needs the respective book.

Each book, as well as other materials, can be looked up in the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) or ask the shifter on duty at the library.




All users of the LBS library must sign an undertaking to observe the library rules and the special regulations relating to any library site which they may use.
Membership to the LBS Library is available to all staff, faculty and students of the LBS.

Each active student will receive an LBS library card, necessary for borrowing and returning books. This card will remain valid until graduation. You cannot remove any items from the library without giving the shifter on duty your library card with the items you wish to borrow.

In case a library card is lost or stolen, it is the student’s responsibility to report it to the Administration Office immediately. All fines and fees are otherwise applicable.

A lost or stolen library card will be replaced when needed but a fee will be charged.

Notices such as reminders to return overdue books are sent by the administration by electronic mail. E-mail notices are sent to the mail service address of students, who are responsible for checking their mail. Any notice sent to the e-mail address of a user is deemed to have been duly received.




The library of Lauder Business School is basically a reference library. Only staff, faculty and students holding a LBS library card are eligible to borrow items from the library.

You must bring the items you wish to borrow or remove for copying purposes as well as your library card to the shifter on duty for electronic processing or the alarm will sound.

When returning items you must bring them to the shifter and make sure they are electronically removed from your library account to avoid erroneous fines. If you simply leave items on tables or place them on shelves yourself, these items will remain registered to your account and you will still be fined.

Some reference books such as encyclopedias, dictionaries etc. cannot be borrowed or removed from the premises. All other books or discs can be borrowed for two days during the week, over the weekend (Saturdays and Sundays), or over brief holidays (except for winter, spring and summer breaks).

You can only borrow up to three items at a time. If three unreturned items are registered to your account, you will be blocked from borrowing any further items.

Students will be held responsible for materials out on loan. If the material is lost, an immediate report should be made to the administration office to ensure appropriate action. In the event mentioned above, the book(s) will be repurchased by the Administration Office, and the student will be billed for all the expenses involved. If the book is one of a set or series the student may be called upon to replace the whole set or series.




Books must be returned by the due date or earlier. Failure to return a book by the date specified will be treated as an offence. The Library will send overdue notice(s) but will not be held responsible for non-delivery under any circumstances.

Students will be charged € 1.00 per day exceeding the return date of each borrowed item (e.g. two books returned three days late will cost € 6.00)

Students who have not returned items for 21 days or who have damaged library books or other property will be charged the replacement cost (purchase of a new edition by the administration) of each lost or damaged item.

Students will be charged a fine of € 10.00 in case of lost library cards, without which items cannot be borrowed from the library.

Students causing litter, stains or spills (food, beverages, wet umbrellas or coats etc.) on library premises will be charged a € 5.00 cleaning fee.

Manipulating the security system or causing repeated false alarms by attempting to remove items without permission will be fined in accordance with the General Manager.

Repeated violations resulting in penalties will be reported to the Dean and the General Manager.

The administration may impose fines on users, or suspend or withdraw their membership of the library in whole or in part if they contravene these regulations.


General regulations


Users must leave library premises immediately in emergencies and when requested to do so by the shifter.

Users must comply with the provisions of any relevant legislation as, for example, laws relating to a) intellectual property rights including copyright and b) data protection. In relation to a), users must comply with the terms of any license agreement between the university and a third party which governs photocopying, photography, and the use of software and access to data.

Care must be taken of all library items and materials. No user may mark, mutilate or annotate books and any marking or damage found must be reported to the shifter.

Eating and drinking is strictly prohibited in any part of the library to avoid damage to library stock and equipment, and disturbance to other users (except bottled beverages).

Smoking and the use of matches or lighters are strictly prohibited in any part of the library.

The use of music players and mobile telephones or any other kind of noise is not permitted in the library to avoid disturbance to other users. Mobile telephones must be switched off or to silent mode in the library.

The use of laptops in libraries is permitted, provided they are not a nuisance to other users.

The use of the library IT facilities and other equipment is restricted to the shifter on duty. It is not permitted for anyone (including shifters) to install software or documents onto the library computer via download or USB stick. It is not permitted to unplug existing connections to this computer.

Misuse of library facilities, abuse of staff, or conduct prejudicial to the proper use of the library by others, particularly as a quiet place for reading and study, is forbidden. Any person behaving inconsiderately or inappropriately on library premises may be required to leave immediately by the staff.

Personal belongings should not be left unattended or used to reserve seats. Unattended items may be removed by the Administration. The Administration is not liable for lost or stolen property.

All items must be electronically checked out by the shifter on duty. Otherwise the alarm will sound and the administrative staff will be alerted.

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