Program Activities

28 Jan LBS is Austria’s international boutique business school

Zirkler, A., & Kübler, E. (2014). Fachhochschulstudium an der internationalen Boutique Business School in Österreich. In Holzinger, H., & Koleznik, K. (Eds.). 20 Jahre Fachhochschulen in Österreich: Rolle und Wirkung (285-289). Vienna: facultas.wuv. To mark its 20th anniversary, the Fachhochschulkonferenz Austria (FHK; Association of Austrian...

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30 Jun The Profil High Potential Day 2014

[gallery ids="17306,17309,17294,17293,17295,17296,17297"] Thanks to their outstanding academic performance, nine IML students were selected by LBS faculty members for the 2014 Profil High Potential Day. For the seventh year in a row, the Austrian news magazine Profil has staged this exclusive career event in Vienna’s city hall...

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14 May Vienna International Airport Excursion

[gallery ids="17322,17317,17376,17367,17321,17366,17405,17400,17333,17385,17421,17343,17354,17353,17350,17358,17399,17334,17453"] The course Operations in the IML program provides an overview of the fields of operations and business processes management from an integrated supply- and demand-driven perspective. It aims at insights into operations management problems, and elaborates on quantitative solutions thereto. As a consequence of...

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05 Apr Teaching Forever!? – FHK Symposium 2013

Students are the essence of a business school. But their learning experience is being increased by committed faculty members who constantly reflect on their teaching. To grant a top-quality degree, lecturers must know the requirements of the industry, refer to cutting edge research, and deploy...

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