Forging the entrepreneurs of tomorrow: Business, Commitment and Respect in Vienna’s Jewish environment


International Business Administration – Bachelor

Curriculum (as of Fall Term 2016-17)
  • International, competitive education in the field of business administration
  • Strong focus on practical application
  • Solid intercultural education (including one foreign language)
  • Preparation for employment in organisations and enterprises with an international, multicultural focus, where diversity is an important issue.
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International Management and Leadership – Master

  • Advanced business administration.
  • Profound training in management and leadership.
  • Participation in project based learning and research activities.
  • Preparation for management careers in internationally operating companies and organizations and entrepreneurial ventures in highly competitive markets
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Banking, Finance and Compliance – Master

  • Preparation for a career in Banking and Finance
  • In-depth training in Asset management, Financial management, Banking processes and management and Institutional and regulatory environments
  • Focus on compliance management, a fast growing field in the industry
  • In depth co-operation with business partners in teaching, research and career development
  • Networking with decision makers from the industry from the first day on
  • A well balanced faculty of scholars and industry experts
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The Austrian post-secondary and tertiary University Level Sector (Hochschulsektor) consists of:

  • Universities (Universitäten), maintained by the state;
  • Providers of University of Applied Sciences Degree Programs (Fachhochschul-Studiengänge or FH-Studiengänge) incorporated upon the basis of private or public law and subsidized by the state, with state accreditation;
  • Private Universities (Privatuniversitäten), operated by private organizations with state accreditation;
  • University Colleges of Teacher Education (Pädagogische Hochschulen) maintained by the state or operated by private organisations with state accreditation;
  • Higher Education for Health Professions (Akademien für Gesundheitsberufe), maintained by the state or operated by private organisations with state accreditation;

The following text addresses exclusively the University of Applied Sciences sector.

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Other News

A word from the president

Dear Student,

In today’s fast changing global economy, there is an enormous need for expertise in the field of international business. In fact, it’s an absolute requirement for success. The world’s economies have become interdependent and in order for them to function well, it will require skilled and talented young professionals who will become tomorrow’s business leaders. Where will these leaders come from?


Our Vision

Forging the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs of tomorrow

Lauder Business School was founded on the philanthropic principle of making a contribution towards a just, diverse and humane world through education, research and knowledge transfer. As a Jewish institution of higher learning it serves as a bridge between the past and the challenges of a responsible future as well as to promote equal opportunities for young people as an educational axis between East and West in the heart of Europe.


Our Mission

Two strong convictions laid at the foundation of Lauder Business School (LBS). It aims at providing state-of-the-art business education to prepare our Bachelor and Master students for international business careers. Students benefit from Vienna which distinguishes itself as a major European business hub, displaying urban diversity and world-leading quality of life.