LBS students consulting the GAZ Group

On Monday, March 13, LBS students presented their final results of the Student Consultancy Project (SCP) as part of the International Management and Leadership Program to the CEO of Russian Machines Mr. Manfred Eibeck and the Chief Developer of the African market of the GAZ Group Mr. Alexander Schierhuber. Due to the well-maintained connection with alumnus Mr. Schierhuber, Lauder Business School could win Russian Machines as a cooperation partner for this project and establish network for future endeavors.

from left: A. Schierhuber (Chief Developer of the African market), N. Lortkipanidze (IML15), M. Eibeck (CEO Russian Machines), D. Stadler (IML15), W. Müller (IML15)

Present at the meeting were also the Managing Director of Lauder Business School Mr. Alexander Zirkler, as well as the Director of the Master programs Prof. Dr. Hanno Poeschl, MBA. SCP team members Wiebke Müller, Nikoloz Lortkipanidze, and Dionne Stadler summarized the results of their work, gave recommendations and suggested an action plan for the GAZ Group.

In the framework of the SCP, the group delivered 3 reports. In the first report, students analyzed 540 surveys using descriptive statistics that GAZ collected at an international motor show in Germany. The second report was the analysis of GAZ’s international brand image in the press. LBS students were the first ones to conduct such an extensive analysis of the GAZ brand image outside Russia. According to Mr. Eibeck, these results are extremely important for building the GAZ international brand image and for further development of company’s international communications.

The third report had the goal to explore the marketing positioning opportunities for the GAZ Group in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This is a very challenging region due to various political, topographic, climatic and demographic circumstances. However, the LBS team isolated a number of countries as potential entry markets for GAZ and could recommend brand positioning for the specific region.  The analysis was done using the data from competitors’ localized websites, which resulted in developing a blue ocean strategy for GAZ.

Concluding the meeting, Mr. Eibeck praised the work of the LBS team and highlighted that GAZ can use these results to coach their own employees. Moreover, he pointed out: “Your feedback is extremely valuable for our international development.” Finally, he suggested that the results of this study be used for making important decisions in future.  Mr. Alexander Zirkler congratulated the students, “We will use your performance and the relevance of the results as a benchmark for future SCP projects”.