International Management and Leadership

This highly competitive program strives both to deepen knowledge in applied business administration and to develop the management and leadership skills relevant for international business careers. Our graduates are recruited into upper management positions in premier globally oriented companies or embark on innovative entrepreneurship. The program is centered on examining the foundations of executive management such as decision-making and strategizing within complex organizational structures, and instruction is based on the most advanced contemporary learning and teaching methods (e.g. project based learning, case studies, research-led learning and teaching).

Our experienced and committed faculty of academic researchers and corporate practitioners will give you a comprehensive introduction to the theory and concepts that you will need for your professional future. At LBS we believe that the application of such theory is absolutely crucial and, as a result, we strongly emphasize the practical side of education. In simulation exercises, real-life project work and industry-related master theses, you will be prepared to be able to creatively and efficiently tackle business challenges. Graduates of the IML program are not only extremely well qualified for immediate entry into the professional world, but, of course,  are also eligible to continue their studies at PhD level.

The academic and didactic basis for an FH degree program is centered on application of the acquired knowledge. Continuous work experience is therefore highly recommended for applicants.

Admission requirements

The prerequisite for admission to a FH masters degree program (cf. section 4, sub-section 4 FHStG, as amended) is a

  • completed FH bachelor degree program in the same field of at least 180 ECTS
  • or a completed equivalent program at a recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary education institution. This must be an education institution offering programmes that last at least six semesters, which require the general matriculation standard pursuant to this federal statute for admission, and known as a post-secondary education institution pursuant to the legislation of the country where it is located.
  • Adequate command of English

In the case of Bachelor’s programs not regulated by accreditation, the director of studies of the degree program or the Council will decide whether the other program fulfills the relevant admission requirement. Information about which bachelors or post-secondary programs qualify as relevant admission requirement for certain FH masters degree programs is available from administrators or the director of studies.

Things to consider in the application

As you are applying for an international school, bear in mind that

  • we do require a proof of English for all of our programs.
    You can submit a TOEFL, an IELTS or a Cambridge Certificate
    results should be submitted with the application package


  • all application documents have to be submitted in original and translation, if the documentation has not been issued bilingual or in English or in German.
    e.g. birth certificates, school leaving certificates, Bachelor diplomas, reference letters if not written in English/German.


  • only complete applications can be considered, exception are made with High school diplomas or Bachelor diplomas – they can be submitted once the applicant has received it. Avoid sending each document individually!
Key Features:

– Full-time course of study
– 4 semesters
– 120 ECTS
– Academic degree: Master of Arts in Business
– Language of instruction: English

List of courses per semester
Completed Master Theses
Academic calendar

The academic calendar is binding and includes important dates such as the start and the end of the academic year, and of the semesters, holidays and breaks, respectively.

Be aware that the schedule (rescheduling of the classes) is subject to change.

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