“Everybody is talking about digitalization. We’re DOING it.” – Ing. Mag. Robert Kotal CFP® EFA®

On May 16 another inspiring fireplace talk took place in the ballroom of Lauder Business School. Tagrid Morad, a guest from LBS’ and FHWien der WKW’s common Israeli Erasmus+ partner Ben Gurion University of the Negev, took the opportunity to open the talk with a few words about the fruitful international collaboration between the universities involved.

Robert Kotal, the keynote speaker, brought up an exciting view on the Internet of Things. He explained that merely connecting household appliances is already old fashioned and widened the audiences’ view by pointing to mobile phones that constantly send and receive information and keep trying to connect to any available networks. These devices can therefore be “scanned” easily, means their presence can be detected very fast and thus e.g. the number of people in one place can be determined at the push of a button.

From the professional background it is clear that graduates of business studies need to have a basic understanding of current technologies. Even though ethical and sustainable decisions are still made by humans, certain judgements are more and more supported by machines. The fireplace talk also covered a pedagogical point of view, as a proper knowledge transfer from lecturer to students is crucial. Robert Kotal introduced the completely new methodology “W-A-V-E” which is intended to introduce the contents of this very approach to students in a cooperative and hands-on way.

In the end the audience did not only learn how to teach this current topic to students but also how to easily gather data themselves by using simple and already available devices at an affordable price. The concluding lively discussion clearly showed the prevailing topicality and importance of the presented subject.

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