1. Pre-requisites

The general matriculation standard (cf. section 4, sub-section 4 FHStG, as amended) is to be documented by one of the following certificates:

  • Austrian school-leaving certificate (Maturazeugnis, Reifeprüfungszeugnis);
  • Another type of Austrian certificate documenting the candidate’s right to attend the relevant UAS degree program. This includes a university entrance certificate and a certificate documenting a completed vocational education;
  • A foreign certificate equivalent to one of these Austrian certificates, based on an agreement under international law; a recognized decision made by the head of the domestic UAS degree program on a case-by-case basis; (bagrut, high school diploma, etc.)
  • Additionally to the high school diplomas, we do require theSAT-TEST from all countries which are NOT listed below:

anerkennung reifezeugnisse

High school diplomas from countries which appear in the list are acknowledged by the Austrian government, as long as they meet the requirements of a secondary education. The certificates will be screened upon submission. (Source)

  • The course in  Mathematics for Economics and Business 1 (2nd semester) requires knowledge in Mathematics based on the Curriculum of an Austrian secondary school. As we are an Austrian based university, the curricula are designed accordingly to the Austrian educational standard. This is why we do expect from applicants to have the knowledge in Mathematics which is required form Austrian students in secondary school. Pre-requisites Mathematics 
Test your math skills with this test: Mathematics_Maturalevel_Selftest

The examples and questions used in the test are Austrian high school standard. If you have difficulties solving the questions, we recommend you to improve your math knowledge.

What is the SAT?

The SAT is an entrance exam to most American colleges. The test doesn’t check knowledge of the school curriculum; it determines the willingness of the students to study, use analytical skills necessary for successful education, and the ability to apply knowledge of basic school level to solve the tasks. SAT is administered by an independent organization College Board.

  • For more information, visit the SAT College Board homepage: click here.
  • Sample tests can be found here.
  • To find the approproiate testing center in your city, click here.
  • The testing center in Vienna, Austria is located at Salmannsdorferstr 47, Vienna, Austria / Center Code: 56390
2. Language requirements

The required level of English (minimum B2) corresponds to the command of 12 years of English during high school.

Nationals from UK, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand don´t have to proof their English skills with a certificate.

Your English level will be checked in the course of the application process, submitting one of the below mentioned certificates will facilitate the process.

  •  IELTS: starting from Band 6, 6.5,7, 7.5,8, 8.5, 9
  • TOEFL: minimum score 68 points

reading min. 15 points, listening min. 15 points, speaking min. 18 points, writing min. 20 points.

3. Required documents

1. CV

2. Birth certificate (in original and translation) – you have to submit both documents, not only the translation/original

3. copy of passport

4. school leaving diploma (in original and translation) – you have to submit both documents, not only the translation/original
if no diploma is available please submit a transcript of the ongoing or previous semester (in original and translation)

5. English certificate (see requirements in point 1)

6. 2 recommendation letters

4. Transfer students and recognition of previously accumulated ECTS

We do recognize previously accumulated ECTS credits.

Bachelor program applicants with a workload of 60 ECTS, can either have them partially recognized if only some subjects relate to the LBS curriculum or fully accredited if the field of studies was similar to the LBS curriculum, meaning they can start in the 3rd semester.

The application process is the same for all students. The director of studies will decide about the transfer in the admission interview.