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Financial Leadership: From Expert to CFO, Linde International, 2013 (co-author) (in German)
Doing Business with the Weather, Grelldenk Verlag, 2009 (in German)
The 100 Most Important Topics in Business Administration for Practitioners, Linde International, 2005 (co-author) (in German)


Trading with Weather Derivatives – the Situation in Austria, CFO Aktuell, March 2010 (in German)
Weather Derivatives – an innovative Financial Product, CFO Aktuell, February 2010 (in German)
Risk Management, Slovakian Banking Journal, 1999


Banking Risk Disclosure in Annual Reports, Ernst&Young, 2000 (co-author)

Conference papers

Overconfidence in Sports Betting, International Congress of Psychology, forthcoming (co-author)

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