Transfer Students

Information for transfer students from other universities:

The Lauder Business School accepts transfer students only into the Bachelor program. As a university of applied sciences our academic year is structured differently than at universities.


The 1st, 3rd, and 5th semester of the Bachelor program take place in Fall, the 2th and 4th semester take place in Spring. Meaning, we have a school like academic year, where all consecutive semesters build on the previous ones. This is why we don´t have spring intakes either.


1. Transfer is only possible within the same field of Studies.
What does it mean?
If you are a student at a university or university of applied sciences enrolled in a Business/Economic degree, you can apply for transfer.

2. Transfers from other disciplines are not possible.

3. You can transfer after proving 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). If your country uses different credit systems, we have to calculte the credits.

Which documents you have to submit:

As a transfer student you have to submit all the documents we request from non-transfer students, plus the transcript of records from your current university in order to evaluate the ECTS and the relevance of your studies.

Recognition of previous courses at Lauder Business School:

If you haven´t accummulated 60 ECTS, but you still want to transfer to LBS you can get the courses recognized.

What does it mean?

Transfer will not take place, you simply start over in the 1st semester, but you if you have had Law as a subject at your previous university and Law is a course which takes place at LBS also, you don´t have to sit in that course again.