Mag. Dr. Christina Bazant-Kimmel

Christina Bazant-Kimmel has extensive experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. She is Senior Lecturer in Chinese at the University of Vienna and also lectures at different Universities of Applied Sciences.
She holds a Doctoral Degree in Chinese Studies (research focus: Literary Chinese and the teaching of reading in Chinese as a foreign language) and a Master’s Degree in Chinese Studies and English and American Philology from the University of Vienna as well as a Certificate in Export Management from the Vienna University of Economics and Business.
She is member of the board of the “Fachverband Chinesisch” (Chinese Language Teachers Association of Germany, Austria and Switzerland), and a member of the following associations: Verbal (Verband für angewandte Linguistik), AILA (Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée), SHAN e.V.-Schulteam, CLTA (The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA), GMF – Gesamtverband Moderne Fremdsprachen e. V., ALA (Association for Language Awareness).