Erasmus+ general terms and conditions for Staff Mobility

Staff mobility general terms and conditions


The STT staff mobility scheme supports faculty and administrative/technical staff to take part in training measures in any of the Erasmus+ programme countries.

This encompasses:

  • study visits,
  • further education,
  • workshops,
  • job shadowing,
  • exchange of best-practices, etc.


The delivery of degree-awarding classes and paper-giving at academic conferences are clearly not eligible for funding.


Receiving institutions include other higher education institutions, providers of professional qualifications, relevant businesses, and academic or professional networks.


Duration: minimum 2 days – maximum 2 months


Eligible costs: maximum funding for travel expenses and accommodation; receipts must be filed for reimbursement; training fees (conference fees) cannot be reimbursed

Travel expenses
Distance LBS – training institution EUR (lump sum)
100-499 km 180
500-1999 km 275
2000-2999 km 360
3000-3999 km 530
4000-7999 km 820
>8000 km 1100


The European Commission travel distance calculator has to be used

Accommodation expenses
Countries Euros per day
Group 1 Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom 120
Group 2 Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Romania, Turkey 105
Group 3 Germany, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, FYROM 90
Group 4 Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia 75


From the 15th day onwards 70 per cent of the above-mentioned rate

How to apply
How to apply?
Before the mobility:

a) Please contact Ms. Honorata Holodniak ([email protected]) at least 2 weeks ahead of a planned mobility.
(b) Complete the Mobility agreement_staff_trainig details and signature of the hosting institution. Include a description of the training measure pointing out the added value for the applicant’s academic/professional activities at LBS.
(c) Complete the Grant_agreement.
(d) Send the Mobility and Grant agreement to Ms. Holodniak.
(e) The relevant Director of Studies and the Head of International Relations decide based on the four-eye principle. The applicant is being informed in writing.

During the mobility

(a) The confirmation form has to be signed by the host institution and dated with the last day of the mobility
(b) Take a picture of you at the host insitution showing you during the activity

After the mobility – Reporting

(a) Submit the signed and stamped Confirmation_form_staff_training and all receipts for reimbursement (eligible costs see above) to Ms. Holodniak.
(b) Write a narrative report for the website and submit it along with the picture taken at the host instituion. Include a description of the training measure pointing out the added value for the applicant’s academic/professional activities at LBS also in the narrative report, as it will be published on our homepage.
(c) Fill out the EU Survey (link will be automatically generated)