STT staff mobility: general terms and conditions

STT: general terms and conditions


The STT staff mobility scheme supports faculty and administrative/technical staff to take part in training measures in any of the Erasmus+ programme countries. This encompasses study visits, further education, workshops, job shadowing, exchange of best-practices, etc. The delivery of degree-awarding classes and paper-giving at academic conferences are clearly not eligible for funding. Receiving institutions include other higher education institutions, providers of professional qualifications, relevant businesses, and academic or professional networks.


Duration: minimum 2 days – maximum 2 months


Eligible costs: maximum funding for travel expenses and accommodation; receipts must be filed for reimbursement; training fees (conference fees) cannot be reimbursed

Travel expenses
Distance LBS – training institution EUR (lump sum)
100-499 km 180
500-1999 km 275
2000-2999 km 360
3000-3999 km 530
4000-7999 km 820
>8000 km 1100


The European Commission travel distance calculator has to be used

Accommodation expenses
Countries Euros per day
Group 1 Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom 120
Group 2 Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Romania, Turkey 105
Group 3 Germany, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, FYROM 90
Group 4 Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia 75


From the 15th day onwards 70 per cent of the above-mentioned rate

How to apply
How to apply?

Before the mobility:

a) Please contact [email protected] at least 2 weeks ahead of a planned mobility.
(b) Include a description of the training measure and a cover letter pointing out the added value for the applicant’s academic/professional activities at LBS.
(c) Complete the Mobility_agreement(2015-16)details and signature of the hosting institution.
(d) Complete the Grant_agreement(2015-16).
(e) The relevant Director of Studies and the Head of International Relations decide based on the four-eye principle. The applicant is being informed in writing.

After the mobility – Reporting

(a) Signed and stamped Confirmation_form(2015-16).
(b) All receipts for reimbursement (eligible costs see above)
(c) A narrative report for the website.
(d) A picture showing the beneficiary at the host institution
(e) EU Survey (link will be automatically generated