Central European e-Democracy and e-Government Network (Budapest)

Prof. Dr. Alexander Prosser, Prof. (FH) Dr. Elisabeth Kübler, Prof. Dr. Robert Müller-Török (University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg)

LBS’s Head of Research and International Relations Prof. (FH) Dr. Elisabeth Kübler was invited to this year’s CEE eDem and eGov Conference, which took place at Andrássy University in Budapest. International experts from several European countries, North America and Asia addressed smart city questions from different angles, such as citizen empowerment via online platforms and digital services, public policy formation, and local development. The IoC at LBS is excited to complement this existing knowledge with its strengths in applied business research and microeconomic analysis.

Prof. (FH) Dr. Elisabeth Kübler

Erasmus staff mobility (SMT)

May 6-8, 2015

Contemporary concepts of government take into account the interplay of technological innovation, citizens’ participation and business competitiveness. The Central and Eastern European e-Democracy and e-Government Network regularly brings together scholars, practitioners, and high-level decision-makers from the public sector (e.g. the Austrian Federal Chancellery and the Council of Europe). The network’s core objective is to discuss topics such as open data, a European Internet, citizen participation in the EU, and age and digital divide. A strand of activities which has proven to be particularly compelling for LBS is smart cities.


Thanks to the initiative of Professor Dr. Alexander Prosser, who lectures at LBS and the Vienna University of Economics and Business and also acts as chair of the CEE eDem and eGov Conference, the Institute of Competitiveness at LBS will contribute its business research expertise to the CEE eDem/eGov Network. Concretely, LBS will convene a session on the linkage of smart cities and urban competitiveness for the upcoming conference in 2016.