Selected Publications Tamas Csermely, MSC

Scientific journals:

Published/accepted papers    

How to reveal people’s preferences: Comparing time consistency and predictive power of multiple price list risk elicitation methods – Forthcoming in the Journal of Risk and Uncertainty. (with Alexander Rabas)

Working papers

Biased probability judgment and newsvendor demand chasing – Revised and resubmitted (major revision, 3rd round) to Decision Sciences. (with Stefan Minner)

Behavioral decisions in inventory systems with dual sourcing option: An experiment – Working paper, rejected from Management Science with an encouragement to conduct further treatments and resubmit. (with Stefan Minner)

Professional journals:

Working papers                     

14,2% Einsparung beim Einkauf durch BigData und Industrie 4.0 – to be resubmitted (minor revision, 2nd round) to Technik+Einkauf.

Technology and procurement in practice: A case study – to be resubmitted to (major revision, 2nd round) to APICS Magazine.


Other media:

Published articles                  

Neue Kunden, neue Möglichkeiten, Die Presse, page 18, June 9, 2015