Selected Publications Dr. Vesna Sesum Cavic

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(1999)              Šešum V., Kratica J., Some mathematic methods of solving the geophysical inversion problem, Proceedings of the 25th Jupiter Conference, pp.2.61-2.66, Belgrade

(2000)              Šešum V., Kratica J., Tošić D., Solving the Geophysical Inversion Problem Using Genetic Algorithms, YU Journal of Operational Research, vol.10(2), pp. 283-292

(2002)                 Šešum V., Tošić D., Genetic Algorithms and Smoothing Filters in Solving the Geophysical Inversion Problem, YU Journal of Operational Research, vol.12(2), pp. 215-226

(2003)                 Šešum V., Cvetković D., Genetic Algorithms for Internet Search: Examining the Sensitivity of Internet Search by Varying the Relevant Components of Genetic Algorithm, Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Infrastructure for E-Business, Science, and Education on the Internet, Italy